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Our Curriculum

Merton Pre-School help children learn through play by offering meaningful activities. We plan using the 'in the moment' planning method, where we follow children's interest and adults support the learning that is happening at that moment.  Adults also plan enhanced provision based on the children's interests and using their next steps which is assessed using the Early Years Foundation Stage Development matters document. Children initiate their play whilst supported by adults who know the child well.

Practitioners ensure children can access the resources and the environment so that they can enhance their play.  We use loose parts method, so children are able to use the toys and equipment in creative ways, for example: making a farm using the paper from the art corner, the animals and bricks from the construction area and some socks as beds. 

 Your key person will get to know your child by communicating with your child, observing the child in their play and speaking to you (the parents) about what they like and how they learn.

Children are encouraged to be independent so that they can develop their skills.  This will help them to ensure their own safety supported by knowledgeable adults. Practitioner’s support the first steps of independence, once a child is able to undertake a task by themselves children are encouraged to undertake it with little guidance. We realise that sometimes children would need support again because of changes in their lives or illness. Practitioners observe when support will be required.

Please feel free to speak to your key person about how Merton Pre-School delivers the EYFS to your child.

We hold termly events which you may attend and share ideas with members of staff. We have an open door policy, where parents can come to speak to a member of staff at a mutually convenient time. All parents may come into volunteer at the setting, please speak to Carey West if you would like to.  Volunteers will need to hold a DBS, please speak to Carey, she will be happy to arrange this.

Children have small group times at  11.20am and 2.40pm to reflect on what the children have learned during the session, and build on any skills the key person has noticed them making within the session.  If you would like to find out any of our songs or how we run this, then please feel free to come in and join in with this end of day activity, please let your key person know that you intend to visit. 

All families are invited to a meeting once every 12 weeks to meet the key person. The key person meeting seeks to find out about your child, and lets you know how your child is developing at the preschool.   All children have a secure online learning journal which is updated by your key person and staff.  You shall be given login details if you have any problems logging on please speak to Carey West.  If you do not have access to this at home, you will get a chance to look at the journal at the key person meeting. If you would like to see your child’s learning journal before the 12 -week meeting just ask your key person or Pre-School Manager.

Our staff are trained to a high standard. The Pre-School Manager holds a BA (hons) in Childhood Studies.  All other staff hold an NVQ Level 3.  

If your child needs support in any area of learning development we have a SENco who oversees strategies that your key person will work through with your child and seek outside agency support if required. We are supported by an Area Inclusion Co-ordinator who supports the children who will need Special Educational Needs support.

Merton Pre-School seeks to ensure all children are safeguarded and are kept safe from harm. We must ensure all children are in a safe environment- free from neglect, sexual harassment, bullying, domestic violence, and harm. This means we ensure their safety within the setting as well as at their homes. To ensure this is undertaken we have a Lead Practitioner (Safeguarding). We are supported by the Chairperson, who oversees all Safeguarding issues.

If you would like to know about In the moment planning, please take a look at this video.  This video is where the 'In the moment' Planning began in Anna Ephgrave's Nursery and Infants  School:  

What to expect , When? by 4children booklet

Tapestry on-line learning journals parents guide

EYFS Statutory Framework

Training: In the moment planning Inset day (November 2016) 

Training: Inset day (January 2017) The role of the adult, including focus children, gun, superhero, rough and tumble play.

Technology and young children.  It can be a learning tool, but how do we essure children use it healthily and safely?

Using the school grounds, ponds and loose parts to encourage exploring the world around us. 

Healthy children and the Environment Inset Day - December 2017

 Summer term 2019 findings: click here

Clever never goes:

At Preschool we shall be working on Maths - Number  

Working on this at home will help the children to make more progress in this area.  Please, play board games regularly at home (research states that children who play board games, such as snakes and ladders, at least once per week are able to use number more advanced than other children).  

Other ideas include: counting steps, pointing to numbers in the environment such as buses, door numbers, laying the table for the family e.g. how many knives will we need?

Please look at this website for lots of activities you can do at home: