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Policies and Procedures

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Safeguarding policy -Updated September 2018                    What to do if your worried a child is being abused book          Working together to safeguard children 

Prevent Duty - Appendix to Safeguarding policy                        First aid policy updated May 2017

 Achieving positive behavior Policy       Updated September 2017                                        Making a complaint  updated May 2017       

 Uncollected child policy   Updated December 2018

  Fee payment policy  updated May 2017

Food Hygiene policy   updated September 2017

Role of the Key person and settling in policy updated May 2017

Medicine policy updated September 2018

Supervision on outings Updated Dec 2018

Fire Safety   - Updated September 2017

Fire risk assessment - Updated Jan 2017

Emergency Evacuation Procedure - Please read if you are visiting the Pre-school updated September 2017

Valuing diversity and promoting equality  Updated May 2017

Supporting children with Speical Educational Need and Disabilityupdated April 2017 

Admissions - Updated May 2017

Making a complaint - Updated May 2017

Confidentiality  - Updated October 2018

Information sharing policy - updated Dec 2018

Transfer records to school - Updated October 2014

Transitions Policy  - Updated Dec 2018

Absence policy - Updated October 2018     Wondering whether to bring a child when they are ill have a look at this website: 

Gun & Superhero play policy - Updated May 2017

Application change of hours - Updated on January 2016

Nappy Changing - Updated October 2018

Taking work home policy and accompanied permission letter for parents.  Updated September 2016

Online safety (inc. mobile phones, social media)  - Updated October 2018

Animals in the setting - updated Nov 2016

 No Smoking or vaping - Updated November 2016

Induction of staff, Volunteers, and Managers   - Updated Nov 2016

Outdoor play policy  - Updated November 2016

Risk Assessments  - updated Jan 2017          Health and Safety working policy and risk assessments - updated Jan 2017

Supervision Policy - updated May 2017

Providers records - updated Dec 2016

Children's records - updated September 2017

Staff safety including home visitsupdated Nov 2016

Looked after children - updated September 2018

Children's rights and entitlements  - Updated Dec 2016

Missing child - Updated Dec 2018

Employment - Updated September 2018

Student Placements - Updated September 2018

Sick or infectious children - updated July 2016

Reporting of accidents and incidents - Updated October 2018

Maintaining children's safety and security on the premises Updated Dec 2018

Staff behavior policy - Updated Feb 2017

Attendance of staff - Updated March 2016

Lock Down policy - Updated July 2017

Lone worker policy - Updated Nov 2017